Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Do I look like I have eaten too many “Mice Krispies” for breakfast?  Well, maybe I have.  Still, I am the best receptionist the animal shelter has ever had.  I am so disarming… I put everyone at ease.  Just be yourself.  That’s my motto. 

8 x 10, oil painting, framed, $300.
All proceeds go to the Animal Protection League in Anderson, IN

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I had three very different portrait commissions in December:
*a pet alpaca
*John Wayne
*and “Harley”! 
Meet "Harley”…what a dude!  I can picture him in a "do-rag" with flames, and a “let’s hit the road” attitude!  Can’t You?  What a little cutie.  His owners, Phil & Sally, great friends of ours, tell me that this little guy is a rascal and loves to get into mischief.