Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"My Favorite Neighbor," Part II

I was thrilled to learn that my painting, “My Favorite Neighbor”, won
“Best of Show” in the South Madison Visual Art Show. Now I am wondering if I should just stick to painting my furry friends..:o)  The painting lives next door and I can visit the real thing when I need a dog fix, which is often!

Speaking of dogs, I am so touched by an account of Van Gogh I read recently in the book,  Van Gogh, a Self-Portrait.  This paragraph was contained in a  letter written by one of his friends:

   “One Saturday afternoon we went out for a walk: suddenly Vincent saw an emaciated, miserable, deserted street dog, a poor hungry beggar of a dog.  He searched his purse and in it found a ‘dubbeltje’ (twopence)---it was all the money he had, for it was the last days of the month.  Then he bought two rolls for a penny to give to the dog, and stood looking at the animal full of complacency as it devoured the bread in a few swallows.  Going back to his companions, Van Gogh said, “What do you think this animal told me just now?   That he would like to have another couple of rolls like that,” and following his impulse, he bought two more rolls and gave them to the yearning dog.  Now he didn’t even have the money to buy a pack of tobacco, the only luxury he permitted himself.” p.39 

Vincent Van Gogh’s sensitivity makes him one of my heroes.  

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